Community Yard Sale

**Community Yard Sale sign will be placed at entrance**

COVID Protocol:

Homeowners are encouraged to take precautions to protect Homeowners and yard sale visitors from exposure to COVID.  Homeowners are encouraged to provide hand sanitizer, wear mask, and maintain social distancing.  The Governor’s Safer at Home Protocol should be followed. 

Planning and Organizing your Yard Sale Display

                Most of us have participated in yard sales.  They can be very profitable or very painful.  What follows are a few pointers to help you get the optimum price for your items.  My wife and I are home owners in Potters Mill.  We organized sub-division yard sales in the past.  What follows are some lessons learned.

Your Display

  • Tidy up your yard and the front of your house.  Homes that present curbside appeal tend to attract serious buyers.  Psychologically, a buyer equates the appearance of the yard and home with quality merchandise.  You come out the winner.  So
    • cut the grass, edge around the driveway, sidewalk and curb. 
    • wash the driveway and sidewalk
    • if bushes need trimming . . . do it.
  • The same is true of your garage.  If you plan to have your garage door open, clean up your garage.  A well organized and tidy garage attracts buyers.
  • Place your items for sale in front of you.  No items for sale should be behind you.  This will minimize the opportunity for theft.
  • Place price tags on each item with a brief description of the item.
  • Keep your cash box behind you in a safe area.
  • Consider displaying on one or two folding tables.  Put a clean light colored table cloth on the table to create contrast between the item and the table cloth.  It is a very basic and very effective merchandising technique.
  • When an item sells have a plan to put another item in its place, but don’t crowd your display.
  • Make sure the items for sale are clean and look appealing.
  • Check other neighborhood displays and write down what you learned for the next yard sale.
  • Have a plan to set up immediately prior to yard sale start.  Stage items and table in the garage the night before.
  • Keep in mind that people will get up very early and go to a yard sale well before it opens.

The Sale

  • Decide whether you are going to keep the same price point for the duration of the yard sale.
  • Early shoppers are looking for bargains.
  • Later shoppers are looking to take advantage of the time hoping for deep discounts.
  • Greet folks as if they were friends.  Don’t over-do it, be yourself.  Sometimes folks will chat, walk away, then come back and buy.
  • Shoppers tend to walk the yard sale then buy.
  • Shoppers tend to stop off at an ATM then shop yard sales with $20 dollar bills.
  • Have plenty of folding change and coins.  Keep your prices simple so that you do not have to make small change.  Be ready for someone who pays with a large bill.
  • Keep a small notebook to record what was sold and for how much.  This will help you at future yard sales.
  • Consider whether you are going to take checks.
  • Consider getting Square or Pay Pal so that you can take credit and debit card transactions. 
  • Post a sign saying that you accept credit cards.
  • Decide whether you are going to barter.  If you barter have a bottom line price that you don’t go under.  Don’t barter at the front end of the show.  If you must barter wait to an hour before closing.
  • When a customer presents payment in cash, keep the customer payment in plain view while you count out change, then put the payment in the cash box.
  • Always thank a customer and be sincere about it.

Your Cashbox

  • As you begin selling, consider stepping inside and thinning out your cashbox keep enough cash to negotiate a $50 bill.  Put the cash in an envelope out of plain sight in the house.
  • Don’t count your cashbox in front of customers.
  • Don’t talk about how much you sold in front of customers.  It invites unwanted attention.

Meeting the Public

  • Acknowledge folks regardless of gender or ethnicity
    • The wife of a good friend of mine is a Medical Doctor.  The couple went truck shopping a few weeks ago and the salesman acknowledged my friend but ignored his wife.  My friend who was about to pay cash for a new truck walked out.
    • Keep in mind that men typically say what the family wants to do.  Women typically say what the family is going to do.
  • Consider having a cooler filled with bottles of water for yourself and for the occasional overheated customer.
  • Keep some snacks and drinks handy for yourself.
  • Have a sense of what your neighbors are selling and funnel business their way when the item sought is not in your inventory.  Neighbors make money for themselves and for other neighbors.
  • Acknowledge all members of a party by eye contact, a smile and basic greeting.  You don’t know who the decision maker is.
  • Avoid lengthy conversations particularly when other shoppers are looking at your items.

Manning Your Display

  • Adhere to safety guidelines.  Keep pathways clear, wear masks, have hand sanitizer available.
  • Have someone assist you and treat that person like gold.
  • No arguments in front of customers.
  • Display a warm relationship but don’t go overboard.
  • Meet your neighbors and treat them well.  Referrals work in yard sales. 
  • When the yard sale is over take down your display immediately.