Community Yard Sale and Reminder to Return Proxy Ballots

Community Yard Sale

 Saturday, September 26, 2020

7:00 AM-Noon

**Community Yard Sale sign will be placed at entrance**

COVID Protocol:

Homeowners are encouraged to take precautions to protect Homeowners and yard sale visitors from exposure to COVID.  Homeowners are encouraged to provide hand sanitizer, wear mask, and maintain social distancing.  The Governor’s Safer at Home Protocol should be followed. 

Reminder – PLEASE Return Your Proxy Ballots

Due to the COVID situation you are highly encouraged to vote by Proxy Ballot.  You can vote by Proxy by returning the enclosed proxy ballot. 

All signed Proxy Ballots must be returned to:

Potter’s Mill Homeowners’ Association

ATTN: Secretary – Annual Homeowners Meeting

P.O. Box 1338

Madison, AL 35758

A scanned or photographed copy of the completed and signed Proxy Ballot can be emailed to

Joan Walls, HoA Secretary will accept Proxy Ballots at her residence, 110 Wittington, anytime through Saturday evening.  She will be outside her home during the Yard Sale so you can drop it off at that time.  If you have misplaced your Proxy Ballot, Joan has extra copies, or you can email the HoA Board and request a replacement Proxy Ballot.

Please return your proxy Ballot and help us avoid having to hold a second annual HoA meeting during this COVID time.