Suspicious Activity in Potter’s Mill (August 2019)

Subject:  Suspicious Activity in Potter’s Mill

Reference:  Email Previously sent to Residences on Vandalism and Theft of Gasoline.

Since the email was sent on July 25, 2019 making homeowners aware of vandalism in the Potter’s Mill subdivision we have had had one other reported incident of vandalism.  A mailbox was damaged and a lawn ornament was stolen.

On the night of Monday August 19, 2019, at approximately 9:30 pm, there was suspicious activity observed in the area near the Potter’s Wheel and Millside intersection.  A small white Mitsubishi was parked on the side of the street between houses with someone sitting in the vehicle.  After observing the vehicle from a window for a period of time a homeowner went outside to get a better look at the vehicle and the vehicle immediately took off.  They attempted to turn into Millside but was traveling to fast.  They turned around and drove to the exit of the subdivision and sat there for a while.  They left the subdivision but returned a short time later.

The homeowner became concerned that the vehicle was waiting to pick up someone that was loitering through the neighborhood and called the non-emergency line for the Huntsville police.  The police station took detailed information about the incident and sent multiple units to the neighborhood.  The police said that they would patrol the neighborhood for the remainder of the night.

Please note that there is no allegation that the person in this vehicle did anything wrong and they may have had a legitimate reason for being in the neighborhood.  However, leaving the area in a fast manner when the homeowner went outside and then returning to the subdivision a short time later does raise suspicion.

The HoA board of directors ask all of the Potter’s Mill residences to be alert for strangers or unusual activity in the sub-division.  Leave outside lights on so that neighbors can see anyone lingering around your property.  Report any suspicious activity to the police.  The Huntsville police non-emergency number is (256) 722-7100.  If it is an emergency call 911.

Finally I want to take this opportunity to remind you that your 2019 -2020 HoA dues of $120 is due on October1.

I also what to ask you to please return your signed Proxy Ballot to ensure that we have a quorum (at least 50% of HoA members) participating in the September 22 HoA meeting.  This means that at least 90 of the 179 HoA members must return their signed proxy ballot or vote in person at the September 22 meeting for the association to conduct HoA business to approve the 2020 budget and elect two directors.

Rodney Robertson
President, Potter’s Mill HoA