Vandalism and Theft of Gasoline (July 2019)

Subject:  Vandalism and Theft of Gasoline

The Potter’s Mill HoA Board of Directors have been notified that the Potter’s Mill community has experienced recent vandalism and theft of gasoline.

On July 20, 2019, a police report was filed for a series of vandalism activities that occurred on Imogene Way.  During the week of July 15, a garbage can was severely damaged.  On July 20, a mailbox was damaged and an unknown powder was deposited on the lawn of a residence on Imogene Way.

On July 24, someone siphoned gas out of a car on Potter’s Wheel.

We ask all of the Potter’s Mill residences to be alert for strangers or unusual activity in the sub-division.  Leave outside lights on so that neighbors can see anyone lingering around your property.  Report any suspicious activity to the police.  The Huntsville police non-emergency number is (256) 722-7100.  If it is an emergency call 911.

Also, let the HoA board of director know if there are any more vandalism or theft in the neighborhood so that we can alert other residences.  You can email the HoA Board of Directors information about unusual activity in the neighborhood at or you can use the contact-us form on the Potter’s Mill web site

Rodney Robertson
President, Potter’s Mill HoA