Pond Update (May 2019)

Subject:  Pond Update – Algae and Fountain

Several Homeowners have asked about the pond this spring.  The questions have been related to Algae that was on the pond earlier this spring and the fountain not working.  This email is to update homeowners on those two topics.

Algae on Pond

As you noticed earlier this spring the pond had algae on it.  The board talked to different vendors about treatment options for the pond algae.  The most common response was that

this is a particularly bad year for algae on ponds.  Most vendors recommended that we do not treat the algae on the pond.  They stated that reduced algae in the air, rain, and hotter temperatures should clear up the algae on the pond.  As you can see the algae has mostly disappeared from the pond.

We did identify a vendor that will treat the algae and keep the pond clear year round.  It is the same vendor that treats the pond at Highland Lakes.  The yearly cost to treat the pond is $4560.  This is a significant cost for the Potter’s Mill HoA so the board decided to not treat the pond algae this year and monitor it to see if it did indeed go away as the temperatures warmed up.  This will be a topic of discussion at the annual HoA meeting in September.  The board wants to get input from homeowners about the pond treatment prior to entering into an agreement of this magnitude.

Pond Fountain   

The fountain started malfunctioning last fall.  We had the pump repaired four times and decided that it would be more cost effective to replace the pump that provides water for the fountain.  The board’s intent was to have the fountain operational by April 1, 2019.  We had a vendor scheduled to give us a cost estimate but they told us it was a busy time of the year and could take a couple of weeks to get the estimate.  We made additional inquiries about the cost estimate for replacing the pump but could not get a response from the vendor.

We started looking at alternative vendors to replace the pump for the fountain.  We discovered that there is a very limited number of vendors that will work on a fountain and pump in a pond.  It requires putting workers in a boat and most vendors will not perform this service.  The board contacted five vendors that declined to perform service on the pond fountain.  We also contacted the City of Huntsville, Botanical Gardens, and Huntsville Hospital for recommendation of other vendors that work on pond fountains.

We did identify a vendor that will service the pump and fountain.  The vendor is scheduled to work on the pond fountain during the week of May 27.  We hope to have the pond fountain operational again in the near future.

Potter’s Mill Homeowners Association Board of Directors