Respecting our Neighbors Property While Using the Potter’s Mill Pond Area

Respecting our Neighbors Property while using the Pond

I want to ask your help in being respectful of our neighbor’s properties while using the area around the Potter’s Mill pond.  The pond and Gazebo area are intended for the enjoyment of the Potter’s Mill homeowners and occupants.  We have recently had issues with people going up into the back lawns of homeowners that live around the pond.

According to the subdivision plat the property line for the homeowner’s that lives around the pond extends 120 feet from the curb.  The Potter’s Mill Covenants provides a 15-foot easement from the line formed at the highest normal pond pool level for maintenance.

Always enter the pond from the Gazebo area and stay close to the pond edge while walking around the pond.

The Potter’s Mill Homeowners’ Association board of directors and the residences that live around the pond appreciate your cooperation to remain in the area around the pond and not wander up into the homeowners back lawns.


Rodney Robertson

President, Potter’s Mill HoA


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