Potter’s Mill HOA Welcomes Spring

Potter’s Mill HOA Welcomes Spring 2019

We ‘sprang’ forward March 10th and spring officially sprung March 20th. As we began to turn our attention to spending more time outdoors, it is also a good time for ‘reminders’ regarding our obligations as property owners to maintain desirable esthetics of our community.

Lawn maintenance which includes weed control becomes a vital issue as the weather warms.

Article 5.2 of the (Protective) Covenants declares that each owner shall maintain the property in a safe, clean and attractive condition. These obligations include but are not limited to:

  1. Prompt removal of all litter, trash, refuse, and waste. (This is a health and sanitary issue).
  2. Lawn mowing on a regular basis. Do not blow your grass clippings into the street. This is against the city of Huntsville ordinances. It is unsightly. It is not good for the street drainage system. And reportedly it can be a hazard for bikers.
  3. Tree and shrub pruning.
  4. Watering landscape areas.
  5. Keeping improvements, exterior lighting, and maintenance facilities in good repair and working order.
  6. Keep lawn and garden area alive, free of weeds and attractive. **Weeds travel by seed that are blown into neighbors’ yards by the wind.** It is important to pull your weeds or treat with a weed control product. There are good lawn services that can handle this for you if you are unable to do this yourself.
  7. Paint your mailbox if needed. Black color only is allowed.
  8. Clean house siding of mold, mildew and dirt.
  9. Keep driveway in good repair.
  10. Keep fence in good repair.
  11. As a courtesy and for sanitary concerns, always clean up after your pet(s).

Army worms were an issue in the past few years. If you see any, please contact the HOA so we can alert the community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued effort to eliminate routine street parking by residents. Keeping our streets clear of parked vehicles except for visitors improves the safety and esthetics of our community.

Your Homeowners Association Board works to maintain the integrity and desirability of our community. We can be contacted at the website: https://pottersmillhoa.org or email at: pottersmillhoa@gmail.com.

As always, thank you for letting us serve you.

Potter’s Mill HoA Board of Directors

President        Rodney Robertson                  Vice-President           Jan May

Secretary         Linda Claxton                       Treasurer                    David Wagner

Architectural   Jan May                                 Website                  Stephanie McCullough

Dues                    Kathleen Manarin              Member At Large     Joan Walls