Pond Fountain and Algae on the Pond

The Potter’s Mill HoA board has been working with a vendor since the first of April to replace the pond fountain pump. Hopefully, it will be replaced soon.

The board has also discussed the pond allege with a vendor and are looking at treatment options.  The vendor that we discussed the pond algae with stated that this is a bad year for algae /scum on ponds.  The algae on the pond is caused by excessive algae in the air and the spring weather.  The vendor that we talked to recommended that we do not treat the algae on the pond.  Reduced algae in the air, rain, and temperature should clear up the algae on the pond.

We asked if the fountain would help with the algae and they stated the type fountain we have in the pond at Potter’s Mill is for ornamental purposes only.  It does not provide any significant aeration for the pond.