Please Do Not Feed the Ducks and Geese at the Pond

Please do not Feed the Ducks or Geese that hang out in Potter’s Mill

The ducks and geese are beautiful animals and are often seen near the pond area in Potter’s Mill.  Their babies are especially endearing.  However, these animals can cause potential health and other problems for homeowners in the area.

  • These animals leave dropping that foul public and private lawns
  • Geese can become aggressive to other animals and humans
  • Geese can damage lawns
  • Geese can cause noise

The Potter’s Mill pond serves as a water source for these animals and will always attract the animals.  Feeding these animals can severely damage their digestive system and they will keep coming back if they know the area is a source of food.  If humans or pets get close to their territory geese will chase and honk at them.

Homeowners that live around the pond have expressed concern about the geese attacking their dogs.  They cannot let their dogs out in their back yard while the geese are in the area without the geese attacking their dog.

The following link will provide additional information about geese and how to keep from attracting them to the area:

The Potter’s Mill homeowner’s association board of directors and the residences that live around the pond appreciate your cooperation to NOT Feed the Ducks or Geese that visit the Potter’s Mill.


Rodney Robertson

President, Potter’s Mill HoA