Email Communications to Potter’s Mill Homeowners

The Potter’s Mill HoA board of directors will start using email as a method of communicating various information to homeowners.

The board requested homeowner email addresses on the form that should have been returned with the 2018 annual dues payment.  Your email address will NOT be shared with other homeowners or outside parties.

Please ask your neighbors if they supplied their email addresses to the HoA board with their 2018 annual dues.  If they did not include their email address, encourage them to email it to the HoA board at or use the “Contact US” form on the Potter’s Mill HoA website.

We understand that not all homeowners have access to email.  As we identify those homeowners that do not have access to email we will provide those homeowners a written copy of any email communications.

The information in the emails will also be included in the Neighborhood News section of the Potter’s Mill HoA website.  These news items are linked to Potter’s Mill Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you have other ideas on how the HoA board can efficiently communicate information to homeowners, please share those ideas with the board members.

Please note that any official business such as notices of HOA meetings will still be communicated to the homeowners via written letters and documents.  Email will be used to efficiently communicate information and non-official business to homeowners.