2017 Potter’s Mill Annual HOA Dues – Due by Oct 1, 2017

Just a reminder that Annual HOA Dues of $100 should be received by the HOA by October 1st 2017. The dues should be mailed to the following address:

Potter’s Mill Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 1338 Madison, AL 35758

Please join us for our annual meetings on September 17th and October 22nd. More information can be found he

Special Note
Potter’s Mill has been fortunate to maintain $100 dues since the inception of this community.
Your participation is vital to continue the standard of high quality for our community. You can help to keep our community great in a number of ways:

  • Pay your HOA dues on time. Dues not paid on time will be subject to penalties and if necessary turned over to our attorney to have a lien placed on your property
  • Come to the annual HOA meetings.
  • If you see something out of the ordinary, say something to Huntsville Police Department.
  • Consider volunteering to be a member of the Homeowners’ Association Board. By filling a position, you would be serving your community and help to keep our dues at the $100 per year we are currently paying.