Potter's Mill Homeowners Association

Nextdoor App for Potter’s Mill

A few residents have started using the website Nextdoor to communicate information about events and alerts in the Potter’s Mill neighborhood. The HOA board fully supports this as we hope it helps keep all residents aware and involved in the neighborhood. They have smart phone/tablet applications for both Android and iOS (Apple) based devices along with their website. You can sign in without having to have a Facebook account or if you like you can use your existing Facebook account to sign in to Nextdoor after the initial sign up. The Potter’s Mill HOA will use this as a tool much like we use the HOA website, Facebook page, and Twitter to get out information in a timely fashion. Most of the HOA Board members are already using the Nextdoor site/app so we can be reached through that directly. Feel free to choose to follow us on one or all of those social networking mediums.

http://nextdoor.com/invite/ (the invite link goes to an invite from Jason Grider’s account: the HOA Board does not have a unified account at this time)