Potter's Mill Homeowners Association

Parking and Wildlife Concerns

We have been asked by many people about when the HOA will start to enforce parking regulations throughout the neighborhood. Members of the board have been working with Huntsville Police Department’s Community Affairs group to understand where the limits to our authority are located. In reference to some vehicles parked on the streets in various states of disrepair for days and weeks those vehicle can and will be ticketed by HPD. All vehicles parked on a city street MUST be kept in working order and with proper registration and licencing. This is a city law before it was an HOA requirement. If any reasonable discourse with your neighbor to resolve the issue doesn’t work then probably the next action is to take a picture of the offending vehicle and send it through to the city using HSV Connect (City of Huntsville-HSV Connect) and let the city’s code enforcement staff or HPD make the determination. Or if you feel it is a hazard to free travel through the neighborhood, contact the Huntsville Police Department using their non-emergency line: 256-722-7100 or one of the other non-emergency number noted on the contact page of the HPD website: Huntsville Police Department – Completing a Police Report.

Another item on parking is parking with the direction of travel. When temporarily parking on the street please park with the direction of travel. From the driver’s seat of the car the right wheels should be closest to the curb. This is another Huntsville city code and one that the HOA request you and any visitors to the neighborhood follow. For the actual city code please see Section 25-215 of the Huntsville City Code of Ordinances

Coyotes have been spotted at various locations throughout the neighborhood with increasing regularity the last few weeks. Much like other neighborhoods that are surrounded by woods, park, and undeveloped areas like our neighborhood, the populations of these animals is increasing and as they come into subdivisions they are spotted at any time during the day or night. Please be aware that coyotes are predators and they will hunt animals including pets that maybe allowed to run free in backyards and around the neighborhood in reference to some indoor/outdoor cats. Please keep an eye or even better a leash on your animals especially around the borders of the neighborhood. You can read more about indigenous wildlife of North Alabama and what you can do to help prevent them from making a home near your home from this presentation from Huntsville Animal Services: Huntsville Animal Services-Urban Wildlife